Divorce Checklist

1. Prepare the Marital Agreement

2. Prepare the Petition, including Child Information form if applicable

3. File the Petition and pay the fee.

4. Prepare the Waiver for service of the Petition

5. Prepare the Decree of divorce

6. Prepare Orders for property division

7. Have your spouse sign the Waiver

8. File the Waiver

9. Choose a date for the hearing and attend


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Can I get divorced in Texas?

  • In order to divorce in Texas you must have appropriate grounds, or legal reason for divorce. The most common ground stated for divorce is that the marriage is “insupportable,” ie, that the marriage has no reasonable chance of reconciliation. This is commonly known as “no-fault” divorce which enables one spouse to seek a divorce without the consent of the other and eliminates the need for courtroom drama concerning infidelity or other misbehavior irrelevant to the granting of the decree.
  • The court must have jurisdiction over the marriage. The Texas courts may decide marital issues concerning divorce for all persons and assets located in Texas. However, the in order to reach out beyond the borders of Texas, the “long arm statute” must be satisfied.

How much does a divorce in Texas cost?

  • Costs of divorce vary depending on a variety of circumstances which can increase costs including whether the estate is complex, the parties ability to settle, and the use of attorneys.

How long does it take to get a divorce in Texas?

  • Texas law requires a number of waiting periods during divorce proceedings which include waiting two months plus two weeks from the date of the filing, 27 days from the date of service, and 12 days from the date proof of service is filed with the court.

How to file for divorce?

  • Generally divorce begins by filing a petition and serving a copy upon the other spouse.

Who gets alimony (spousal support)?

  • The court can order one spouse to pay regular sums to the other spouse depending on a number of circumstances.

Who gets custody of our children?

  • Decisions concerning custody are required to be in the best interests of the children.

How is property divided?

  • Texas divides the marital estate in to separate and community. Community property is divided upon divorce.

What are the necessary forms for divorce?

  • Professional Texas divorce forms are available online at low costs. The following service completes the form based on information you provide.

How is divorce different from legal separation or an annulment?

  • An annulment is an order which treats the marriage as though it never existed. Common grounds for annulment are bigamy, minority, and incest.