Divorce Checklist

1. Prepare the Marital Agreement

2. Prepare the Petition, including Child Information form if applicable

3. File the Petition and pay the fee.

4. Prepare the Waiver for service of the Petition

5. Prepare the Decree of divorce

6. Prepare Orders for property division

7. Have your spouse sign the Waiver

8. File the Waiver

9. Choose a date for the hearing and attend


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Living Wills & Trusts Guide




Texas Divorce Laws

Spouses considering divorce in Texas are often disappointed to discover the unexpected costs. This site provides a general overview of Texas divorce laws, links to divorce forms, and other information concerning family law in Texas.

Divorce Guide

This site demonstrates the procedural steps necessary for divorce in Texas, legal separation, child support and others.

Texas Divorce Forms

Texas courts use standard divorce forms. These forms must be filled out and submitted to the court to initiate your divorce. These Texas divorce forms may be purchased as part of an online divorce kit.  Simply follow the instructions and an outside service will complete the forms based on your responses to given questions. This method is sometimes a cheap and easy way to divorce, however it may be best to consult an attorney to better understand your rights and avoid costly mistakes.